Hello, My name is Tony Cast

About Me

I’m a Professional Software Developer Since 2008

UI/UX Site Design, Software Engineer, DBA, SaaS Cloud Services


Years Experience


Completed Projects


Awards & Commends

My Experience

Skill And Experience

UI/UX Design (FE)
Backend Modeling, DBA
Web Applications Development


FS Dev Lead
BE Model, DBA
(2013 – Now)


PHP Developer,
Server Admin
(2004 – 2009)


UI/UX Design
Web Apps Dev.
Server Admin
(2008 – 2016)

Succeed Corp.

Web Designer (2002 – 2004)

Latest Projects

My Recent Projects

Event though a majority of my work is “behind the scenes” backend development, here are a few examples of recently finished products.

Liberated Syndication

UI/UX Design, Backend Dev, Software Engineering Lead

Greenbee Fundraising

DBA, SaaS, Laravel, UI Design

Libsyn Publisher Hub

Wordpress Plugin, React JS

Have a Project On Your Mind? Let’s Work Together

I am able to work with you on any of your IT goals to from Startup to Large Corporate IT Solutions.